Gas Cleaning

Gas Scrubbers / Absorbtion Columns / Venturi Scrubbers

Conventional Gas Scrubbing Technologies

Begg, Cousland have designed and supplied many gas scrubber and absorber systems to a variety of chemical and process industries.

We design and supply Venturis, Eductor Venturis, Wet Cyclones and Packed Bed Scrubbers using conventional tower and packing designs or tailoring new packings to solve difficult problems. We can provide the optimum tower, absorber or distillation column for you.

Begg Cousland can design and supply all types of gas scrubbing equipment, either as ‘end-of-pipe’ pollution control or as a gas cleaning stage within a process. Gas scrubbers are all designed to ensure a good contact and mixing between gas and liquid, usually for Absorption, Odour Control or Particulate removal. Desorption and Distillation are also mass transfers done in columns. Below are the most common designs we supply.

A single stage, counter-current packed bed design removes gas by absorption or by chemical reaction. It is suitable for odour control also. (See Packed Bed Gas Scrubber Fig 1)

A 2 stage counter-current design removes 2 different gases by absorption or by chemical reaction with different liquors with a dividing tray. Suitable for 1st stage ‘stripping’ and 2nd stage scrubbing duties in series. (See Packed Bed Gas Scrubber Fig 1)

Eductor Venturis are usually used where ‘sticky’ solids are present or where the high liquid flow can condense steam or generate suction. (See Eductor Venturi Fig.)

A high energy / high efficiency version of the Venturi uses a cyclone stage afterwards, and can remove 0.1 micron particles. It is not prone to blockage. (See Venturi Fig 1). Alternatively a packed bed stage can be used after the Venturi (See Venturi Fig 2)