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Gas Cleaning

Ceramic Filter Systems

‘CALDO’ Ceramic Filter Systems for ‘Hot Scrubbing’

Hot gas filters enable the filtration of gases at temperatures up to 800 °C and in the presence of corrosive gases:
The technology is licensed from Caldo Environmental Engineering, and their hot gas filters use ceramic filter elements in modular, purpose-built vessels to meet a wide range of process specifications.

Ceramic filtration equipment is ideally suited to processes that would otherwise require the process gas to be cooled or purified before it could be filtered. For instance:
biomass gasification
catalytic gas treatment
dry scrubbing

Ceramic filter installations are ideally suited for the abatement of pollution from incineration processes giving:
flexibility in the temperature at which gases are treated
avoidance of dioxin reformation and pluming of stacks
resistance to occasional temperature excursions
acid gas removal by dry scrubbing with lime or sodium bicarbonate

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Ceramic filter elements are also sold by us as spare parts. (See ‘Ceramic Filters’ in the “Filters” PRODUCTS section)


Caldo Ceramic Filter Elements installed

Filters Close-up 2

Caldo System in Russia