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SULPHURIC ACID / Mercury Removal Tower


Mercury Removal Towers can be installed as part of the Gas Cleaning section upstream of a Sulphuric Acid contact plant, where solids and other impurities are removed.
The exit of the Mercury Removal Tower should be fitted with a suitable droplet separator to prevent carry-over from the tower. Boliden Norzink example shown below:

boliden norzink


Contamination of downstream equipment and process


Polypropylene chevron vane system and / or a knitted Polypropylene demister

A vane or knitted wire demister can prevent the droplet carry-over of contaminated materials from a Mercury Removal tower.

Conventional design PP demisters can be fragile in this duty since they are subject to frequent maintenance handling, being taken in and out for cleaning.
The SWISS design demister is much more robust in terms of support grids, with integral side sheets for easier installation, and less risk of damage. See the difference in construction shown in the photograph below – SWISS style on the left, standard style on the right.